Keys To A Successful Fishing Expedition With Your Child

As a kid their memories and experiences are worth a lot to them. Their first experiences and memories are worth more than anything for them. So as a parent you must keep in your mind to make his memories more worthy. It’s like when you as a kid you still remember your first outing with your parents to the wild, your first camping trip, your first fish catch. Same like you remember your first everything of your every experience your kids will remember theirs as well. So as a parent you have to introduce all those experiences to them should be worth for them to remember through their whole life because one day they will introduce everything to their children as well.

Those experiences doesn’t want to be fancy but they should be worth to remember for them. As a parent you have to make their life more interesting because what they see, what they hear they will remember throughout his whole life. So as a parent you should give a proper start for them. So when you are introducing a new hobby to them it should be properly planned and should have proper gears for him.

Proper gears for kids

As a parent you should know that your kids are still simple. They don’t know anything about fishing and its techniques. So even if it’s not the most effective way to catch more fish you have to be simpler by using simple techniques with your kid. Otherwise he will hate it.

So you should use cane poles or spinning and spin casting reels on his first time of fishing trip other than using bait-casting gear or other complicated systems which adults use. It’s better if your kid start fishing using a bobber and live bait. Because lures are most likely snagged on the bottom so it will take good experiences and skills to cast the bait and retrieve it. So for a beginner you should make him more confidence by using simple methods otherwise he will hate to do it. As a parent you should understand your kid. Most kids like to see their float bounce and bob in water not like the feeling of submersible lure. Kids doesn’t like that because they can’t feel and interpret the bait location.

Pole string with light weight (around 4 – 8 pounds is good) fishing line. You have to connect float or bobber with a small hook to the end of the fishing line. Hook can be #8 – #12

Live bait should be hooked in to the hook. Sometime bait can be floating up in the water so in that case you have to attach a bit of split shot in between the bobber and the hook.

You know your kid better than anyone. So it’s better to think twice when using a standard size fishing rod. Because sometimes your kid maybe be uncomfortable when holding and using it. If so consider using a down sized gear. So it will be easy for them to cast and retrieve their lure and as well as taking out the fish which he manages to hook.

Choosing a place

Before planning to go on a fishing trip you should search and find a proper place for your kid to learn fishing. The place should be long open bank or a roomy dock. If you can get access to a boat that’s better.

Typically, this means a place with a long, open stretch of bank or a roomy dock; if you have access to a boat, you have more flexibility, but you still want to select a location that will work best for the kids.

  • On your child hood you can remember how difficult to throw your lure. It will travel some other way than you throw so it will tangled in every objects around you. As a kid your child also have that problem. So it’s better to pick a wide open space for his first fishing trip otherwise you have to spend more time on untangling his lure than fishing
  • It’s better to avoid crowded locations because when he is throwing the lure it can hurt them. So better to avoid crowded places for safety.
  • Normally children have short life span of attention. So you better know a way to get their attention to it. Kids won’t enjoy staring continuously if they are not getting any nibbles. So when selecting the place think about easy species to catch and location full of them.
  • Kids mostly need access to bathroom and the always eat and drink. So it’s better to plan and gather all before you reach there. Make sure when planning bathroom is easily accessible from that place. Normally small pond is a good place for a beginner because it easily to catch a fish from that kind of a place.

Types of fish

Some fish are grater target to beginners than the others because largemouth fishes are often sage inspectors of lures, and it can take all of the finesse an experienced adult can muster to tempt them to bite. So they are not good to target as a beginner.

There are few types of fish a beginner should try to catch


To catch a catfish you should have little more patience. But if your child catch it he can experience on grabbing a big fish out from water and he will be happy for that. If you can use some unusual baits such as hotdogs, grapes and other things your kid will be more amused by that. Normally catfishing is done at nights but you can do catching on any time of the day since your kid with you and you have to choose the most suitable time for you both.


Although this primarily means bluegill, most of what can be said about bluegill applies to other panfish, including green sunfish, shell crackers and red-breasted sunfish. Throughout the day you can catch bluegill and their relatives. They are used to be as a team. So if you catch one that means there will be more in the same place.

Stocked Trout

Trout which are living in large lakes and ponds are not easy catch for a beginner. But now some places they are providing ponds full of trouts which are specially designed for beginners. So they can easily catch them. Some places they have a policy of no catch no pay so owners mostly not feeding their fish so they are tend to eat the bait more often.

Types of Baits

When fishing with your kid selecting the bait is very important because it should be simple for your kid. So your best choice should be worms, crickets and bread. These three baits have its own benefits and faults but as a beginner your kid will be success on his first catch.


Worms are mainly used fish bait. They work well with most fish species which you and your kid going to target as his first catch on his first fishing trip. Panfish, catfish and trout all you can catch by using worms.

Buying worms are very easy because they are available in every bait stores. If you want to make your kid more into fishing without buying worms dig with him and find worms. He will like it.

You have to keep in mind about the size of the bait you are using because catching different fish you should have different size. So it’s best to choose the right worm to make your kid to have his first catch.


Crickets are also effective as worms when catching fish. They are moving more than worms so it can be more visible to fish which you are targeting and it will be easy to have a catch. Crickets are easy to use with small hooks than worms. But in bait shops crickets are not easy to find. Only few shops have them. If you need to buy then the best place is pet shop since they have them as foods for lizards and turtles. Like worms if you like you can catch them with your kid. Grasshoppers also will work same as cricket as a bait.


When the place is full of fish you can catch them with just a piece of bread. You don’t have to use worms or crickets as bait in these places. You just have to squish the bread as a ball and attach that to the hook same as cricket and worms attaching. Main problem in using bread is that it will not rely on water for a long time. But since it is not gross kids will love and they can learn how to hook their own bait to the hook when fishing.

Rules and regulations

Some places have their own rules and regulations. So when planning it’s better to search about those as well. Most places under some age kids can do fishing without any license. But this age limit varies from place to place so it’s better to know about those before going with your kid because if you break their law and something bad happen it can ruin your kid’s day. So it’s better to know the rules and fallow it to the exact letter.

Some places they are hosting “free fishing day” for families and kids. So when planning to go on his first fishing trip get to know about these things are better. Most places they allow any person to go fishing without any license so it’s better to know about all these things

Some places they have some special rules like legal season for fishing, special species which should not fish, tackle limitations and many more things. Planning and get to know all these can lead you and your kid to a happy fishing day.

Importance of conservation

When you and your kid going to his first fishing trip, remember to giving him a remarkable day for his whole life. Just don’t teach him to catch fish. Teach him how to be safe when catching fist and in places like that, how to have fun on trips like this. Teach him to catch enough fish for the meal and let other fish go away to the same pond since we doesn’t need them. Practice them to do fishing as a hobby to relax their mind.

Teach Good Habits

As you all know most fishing areas have litter problems. Mostly old lures, bait cups and bundles of lines, poly bags and many more things are in these places surroundings. Because of these unwanted things these beautiful places and wild animals can be threatened. So teach your kid not to litter on everywhere and if you have to put them in correct place. And then teach your kid to collect those unwanted things and put in proper place if possible. So when he is old enough he’ll teach the same to his children as well. This will lead our beautiful nature safe.

Have some fun

Make sure your kid is having fun on his first fishing trip. Kids can’t stay on a same place for a long time. So be patient and flexible. Let him enjoy the day and make it remarkable to him. So better to find the best place which your kid will be able to have his first catch. Don’t let him go home without catching any. Help him on casting the hook and attaching the bait to the hook. If you get a catch let him grab it out from water. Look for the things what he will enjoy on that and let him do it.
Let your kid to go play with his mom or some other kids around the place as well. Since they can’t be at a same place for a long time they will enjoy it. Sometimes they will go and feed the fish or duck with things you brought let him enjoy whatever he likes and as a dad you will be able to get him to catch the fish as well.